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Canon Pixma Printer


With powerful features packed into incredibly compact bodies, the Canon PIXMA range of home and photo printers offer a high-quality printing solution. It takes complete creative control of your images with the Canon PIXMA. Powerful software of this outstanding inkjet printer range is meant for simplified yet stunning, quality prints. Its sleek, stylish and compact design truly compliments its quality, speed, and efficiency.

Canon Maxify Printer


Canon MAXIFY takes complete creative control of your images. it's dedicated to Support you by giving high-quality photos and pictures. this is often ultimately built to satisfy your all printing requirements. Maximum Print Speed and Quality Performance of this Robust design are bound to multiply your business. Specifically built for heavy-duty usage, this reliable printer meets all of your printing demands with personalized effective outputs.

Canon Laser Printer


Canon Laser Printers produce high-quality graphics and texts. Laser printing is an electrostatic digital printing that takes complete care of your images. Hence built to satisfy the results that you simply deserve. Fast printer with Brilliant Design meant for brand spanking new Age commercial enterprise takes complete care of all of your printing needs. Canon electrostatic printer offers Enhanced Security Solutions with Advanced Personalized Usability

Canon Selphy Printer


Canon SELPHY isn't only attractive thanks to its sleek and stunning design but it delivers amazing printing quality to satisfy your needs of printing. Canon Selphy meets all of your printing requirements. Compact, Elegant, and Portable printer with a spread of print functions and Intuitive User-interface guarantees for a fun-filled printing experience and Exceptional Usability and Intelligent Digitization full of functions.


Canon fully support and assists for all compatible products for Windows. we provide every possibly required data to configure, utilize and install your Canon products on your Windows PC.


We offer complete support for Macintosh interface Users to make sure Effortless Canon Experience. Our professional expertise encompasses a full range of functionalities .


A new range of Canon products is fully compatible with most of the available smartphones. Canon’s world-class Technical Support will ensure a Seamless and Professional Quality Print.

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Canon Printer Setup


Canon Pixma Setup

Canon Pixma Setup delivers amazing printing quality. Simply click on know more to get the complete information of the Canon Pixma Setup.


Canon Maxify Setup

Discover printers for your small office or home office, including the fast and efficient Canon MAXIFYseries. Easy to Setup with Canon Print Assist. Click below to know more.


Canon Laser Setup

Canon Laser Setup produces high-quality pictures and images. To get all the information of printer setup simply click here.


Canon Selphy Setup

To successfully setup your Canon Selphy simply follow the steps that are given. You are just one step away from to open the box of magic. Go ahead and follow the steps.

One Step Solution for Canon Printer Technical Support

FAQs, EOS utility software, OS compatibility, user manuals, and wireless support for video; We provide one-stop ultimate technical support solution to all your queries, queries, and troubles. Whether you're planning for brand fresh purchase or trying to line up your new product or facing any trouble operating it; all you want is to contact us. Our professional team is fully equipped to wish care of all of your technical issues.

Why Choose Us?

A wide range of world-class innovative and complex products to suit every requirement from amateur to professional. Our globally optimized product range is sure to urge you covered for all of your imaging needs. Our core strength lies in our capabilities in R&D, cost-effective, and quality production.

One-stop, excellent pre and post-sale services by highly trained professional experts. Personalized service before and after the sale under one roof to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. As a trusted brand, we value customer satisfaction especially.

Strong and well-established networks are urged to go anywhere. Our dedicated service network covers 578 cities across India including collection and repair centers. These figures still grow with the Canon family.

Based on more than 20 years of experience and cutting-edge technology, our trendsetting product range always delights customers worldwide. Our time-tested brands pride themselves in socially inclined and sustainable practices.


Besides providing you the foremost effective and time-saving resolution, canon.com/ijsetup is fulled by the subsequent driving forces.

Spending tons of your time with an inexperienced support person over the phone for getting a resolution are often truly frustrating. The worst part is when the support person fails to supply a workable resolution and you are expected to participate in additional callbacks. However, canon.com/ijsetup believes in resolving the issues that your expert calls to your first call to those who know their job well. In other words, we will ensure the resolution of complex issues within the shortest possible time.

Delivered In Simple Terms:
Technical details and solutions are often too heavy for a diversity of users. In fact, it is often really frustrating to receive solutions that you simply barely understand. As such, canon.com/ijsetup ensures that the most important of issues and their solutions are also provided effectively. In an equivalent time, these are given in the simplest way that allows you to know it.We help you understand important issues, possible outcomes, and precautionary measures that will prevent future problems. Furthermore, you are ready to experience your device with renewed confidence.

Detail-Oriented Working Style:
A whole lot of technical issues are a result of ignoring simple details like properly plugging in your device. Moreover, most tech support experts also fail to acknowledge the importance of straightforward details. But, this is often not the case with canon.com/ijsetup. Here, we consider even minute details while resolving issues. In fact, listening to details rules out tiny miscalculations and errors which will have drastic effects. Therefore, we pay due attention to details that build a uniform, secure, and reliable environment.

We make sure that the simplest possible tech assistance is out there for each user at a reasonable price. Here at canon.com/ijsetup, we give flexible payment options that create the expert support service available for each budget. We believe in extending uncompromised service at the foremost competitive price.

Reliability and Flexibility:
You can bank on our expert support to exploit the full potential of your printing device. Technical support is useless if it is not reliable. Therefore, we guarantee timely unrelated assistance that is effective and innovative. Technical issues often arise at critical, odd hours. Like, we offer you the one-time support you need. We work around the clock to facilitate you with tailor-made assistance when it's most needed. We offer you the flexibility to succeed in the most convenient way. In addition, we are available 24/7 to assist you.

Customer Satisfaction:
Everything we can do at canon.com/ijsetup is inspired by our customer-first approach. In fact, ensuring customer satisfaction is the goal we always fight for. You will always encounter a friendly and professional expert, Whenever you contact canon.com/ijsetup. They are patiently listening to your printer issues and supply practical, effective, and favorable solutions. They will never cancel your call until you find a satisfactory solution to your concerns. In addition, they are supposed to guide you in best practices and tips and tricks for maintaining your equipment in the best possible way. In short, we particularly value customer satisfaction.

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