Canon Printer Drivers

To initiate the process of Canon Printer Drivers Setup, follow the below set of instructions carefully.

How To Download Canon Printer Drivers?

• Open your browser.
• Thereafter, attend “”.
• In the following windows, you will get the choice to line your preferred language. choose the language as per your choice from the choices by clicking on the menu list.
• Click on the“Set up (Start Here)” icon.
• By doing so, it'll take you to the merchandise selection window.
• In this window, you'll get the search bar within the very middle of the screen. Here, you've got to enter the model number of your printer.
• Then, click “Go”.
• On the subsequent window, select the OS of your Counter. as an example, you'll have Windows, Mac, etc. this feature is found on the upper-right corner of the screen. Click the inverted triangle and choose your required OS from the list.
• Now, you'll begin with the Canon Printer Download process, by clicking the Download tab.
• This will start a process of Canon Printer Drivers Download.

How To Install Canon Printer Drivers?

• Before proceeding further, connect your system with an equivalent wireless network with which your printer is connected.
• Open the Downloads folder on your system.
• Double-click and downloaded the setup file of the Canon Printer Drivers.
• Subsequently, you'll get the User Account Control window seeking your permission for the installation. Then, click on the “Yes” tab and allow.
• This will redirect you to the Canon Printer Drivers Installation Wizard on your computer.
• The Canon Printer Setup window will provide you with the choice to line your preferred language. For this, click on the Language and choose the language of your choice.
• Click on the “Next” button.
• On the subsequent window, confirm the “Connection Method”. Hence, select between the “Wireless LAN Connection” and therefore the “USB Connection” method.
• Mac users need to enter the Administrator’s Login credentials. Then, click on the Install Software button.
• Ensure that your printer is turned on and therefore the printer’s Power Lamp is correctly lit and stable.
• Thereafter, click “Ok”.
• It will look for your Canon printer connected to the network. Thereafter, follow on-screen prompts to finish the method to put in.
• If you're already connecting your printer to your network, select it from the list within the “Printers on the network list” window. Then, click on the “Next”.
• Enter the serial number of your printer and click on on the “Next” button.
• This will start the method to put in your Canon printer.
• Afterwards, you'll get the “License Agreement” window. Hence, undergo the document carefully. Then, click on “Yes” to consent for an equivalent.
• After this, it'll take you to the Firewall Settings window. Hence, make sure that “Deactivate the Block” is chosen. Thereafter, click “Next”.
• Now, within the “Allow All Install Wizard Processes” window, you want to click on the “Next” tab.
• This will start installing the printer driver on your device.
• After that, the “Print Test” window will appear. To run the test, click on the “Execute” button and follow the on-screen prompts. Also, confirm your printer is loaded with papers.
• In the following window, click on the subsequent tab.
• Just just in case, if you would like to register your product, click on the subsequent tab.
• Subsequently, it'll take you to the Extended Survey Program. Here, you'll get two options. You’ll either Agree or afflict it. As such, select appropriately.
• Click on the “Exit” tab.

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