Canon Pixma TS207 Install

First Time fixing Canon Pixma TS207 Install

1. First of all, you ought to activate your computer and connect it to the web for Canon Pixma TS207 printer setup.
2. Then, activate your Canon Pixma TS207 printer.
3. Thereafter, connect the pc to your printer employing a USB cable. For this, connect one end of the cable to your computer and therefore the other end to the printer. Here, make sure that the cable is securely “plugged in” to the proper port.
4. Consequently, it'll automatically download and install the “Driver” software on your computer. However, just in case if it doesn’t install the software automatically. Then, you'll proceed with the manual installation as explained below.
5. Therefore, open your preferred internet browser on your computer.
6. Then, attend the official website of Canon for Canon Pixma TS207 printer setup. For this, type in within the browser’s address bar. Subsequently, click on “Go” to open the webpage.
7. Thereafter, it'll redirect you to Canon’s website for Printer Setup. Here, you ought to click on the “Setup” link.
8. Henceforth, you want to follow all the onscreen instructions and prompts carefully.
9. Consequently, it'll take you to the “Product Selection” screen. Here, you want to type in Canon Pixma TS207 printer because the product. Then, click on “Go”.
10. Now, it'll prompt you to Specify “Your Region”. Hence, select Your Region correctly from the given list of options.
11. As a result, it'll provide you access to the download link. Finally, click on the “Download” tab. Thereafter, the “Setup” file will start downloading on your computer.
12. Meanwhile, it's going to prompt you to settle on a convenient location for saving the downloaded file. Therefore, click on “Save” or “Save As”. Then, provide an appropriate location to save lots of the downloaded file.
13. Next, you ought to wait patiently for the download to finish .
14. Now, you ought to open the downloaded setup file on your computer.
15. Consequently, you'll get alittle Setup window. Then, click on the “Start Setup” tab.
16. Thereafter, it'll prompt you to Specify “Your Region”. Hence, select your region appropriately from the given list of options. Then, click on “Next”.
17. Subsequently, it'll present you with the “Software License Agreement”. Hence, scroll it down. Then, select “Yes”.
18. The following window will seek your permission to participate within the “Extended Survey Program”. Therefore, read all the small print . you'll plan to “Agree” or “Do Not Agree”. As such, click on the choice as per your decision.
19. Next, it'll redirect you to the “Firewall Setting” window. Here, you want to mark the box that says “Deactivate the Block”. Click “Next”.
20. Now, it'll display your chosen Connection method. Hence, verify that the printer and router details are correct. Then, click “Yes” to proceed if the small print are correct.
21. Consequently, it'll initiate the Setup for your Canon Pixma TS207 printer. Now, it'd prompt you surely details depending upon your router and its network settings. you'll get the “Select Wireless Router” window. Here, select the right router and enter the “network key” or the “password”. Then, click “Next”.
22. The following window will display the Setup status as processing. Hence, you want to await the method to finish .
23. After the completion of the Setup, the next window will notify you an equivalent . Hence, click “Next” on the “Network Connection Completed” window.
24. As a result, it'll redirect you to the “Test Print” screen. Hence, run the test by following onscreen instructions. Here, you'll note that your printer must be loaded with plain paper so as to run the test.
25. Finally, click “Next” on the “Setup Complete” window.
26. Next window will seek your permission to put in any additional software. hence, make an appropriate choice and click on “Next”.
27. Click “Next” again on the subsequent window.
28. Consequently, it'll take you to the “User Registration” window. you'll either click on “Skip” to override this process or click on “Next” for User Registration. As such, if you would like to register yourself as a user. Then, follow the instructions for an equivalent .
29. As a result, it'll take you to the ultimate screen declaring Completion of the Installation process. Hence, click on “Exit” to go away the Installer.
30. Henceforth, the Canon Pixma TS207 printer setup is finished.

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