Canon Pixma iX6870 Install

Connect Canon Pixma iX6870 to the Internet

•Complete the hardware setup of your printer. Fill the cartridge then load paper into your printer tray.
•Power on your printer and its power lamp must be lit.
•Now, press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the front of the printer until the facility lamp flashes once then release it.
•Then, confirm that the Wi-Fi button starts to flash blue.
•Now, attend your access point(router) and press its WPS button within 2 minutes. The blue Wi-Fi lamp on the printer will still flash while checking out , or connecting to the web . Once the printer is successfully connected to your wireless network, the blue lamp will stop flashing and remain lit.
•To check that your printer is connected to the wireless network, you'll print out the network settings of your printer. For that, load a sheet of A4 sized plain paper.
•Now, press and hold the Resume/Cancel button until the facility lamp flashes 15 times then release it.
•The network information page are going to be printed.
•While printing, make sure that the connection status remains Active which the SSID -Service Set Identifier shows the right name of your wireless network.
•Now, you'll proceed with the installation of your printer driver.

Download and Installation of Printer Driver


•Open an internet browser.
•Now, visit by typing it within the address bar.
•A new window will appear on your screen, click on the setup tab.
•Now, type iX6870 into the merchandise search field then click on the GO button. it'll show you a Download button so as to initiate the method .
After that, click on the download button and it'll start downloading the setup file on your computer. Wait till the downloading process is completed.
•Once the download is finished, the setup file are going to be automatically saved within the Downloads folder.


•First and foremost, access the Downloads folder on your system.
•Then, look for the Canon setup enter your folder and double-click thereon .
•It will show you a pop-up box of User Account Control asking you to form necessary changes to your computer. so as to grant permission, click on the yes button.
•Now the initial screen appears, click on the Language button. Select your required language during which you would like to use the program by clicking the down-arrow key. Then, click on the rear button to return back to the initial screen. If you're a Mac user, it'll ask you to enter your Mac Username and Password to continue with the installation.
•Now, click on subsequent button and it'll start processing the setup guide.
•It will take you to the Connection Method Selection window on which you'll be asked to pick a way to attach your printer with the network. •Choose the Network Connection and proceed to subsequent step.
•In the next window, select Wireless Connection to attach the printer to the network and confirm that the printer is turned on.
•Then, click on subsequent button which is found at rock bottom of the page.
•In the Printer Setup screen, click on hook up with the Network tab.
•A new window will appear on your screen. Choose the connection method between WPS and Cableless setup supported your preference. If your printer isn't connected to the network then, follow the on-screen instructions on your printer to finish the method of network connection.
•On your Mac system, a pop-up box may appear on your screen, click on the Allow button.
•In the next window, select your region and click on on subsequent button. Then, select your home of residence from the given list and click on on subsequent button located at rock bottom .
•Now, select your required software which you would like to put in from the list and click on on subsequent button.
•In the next License Agreement window, carefully read all the terms and conditions of the agreement. If you comply with it, click on the Yes button.
•Now, the Firewall Settings window appears. Tick mark the box of Deactivate the block and click on on subsequent button positioned at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
•Now, it'll start installing the software. During the installation, the printer detection screen appears and it'll start checking out your printer. •The detection process may take a while and you'll need to wait until the method gets completed. Once your printer is detected, select your printer and click on on subsequent button.
•But If you're a Mac user, the Add Printer screen appears. Click on the Add Printer button located at rock bottom . within the next window, •select your Canon printer and click on on the Add button. it'll start fixing your Canon printer, click on subsequent button given there.
•In the next Print Head Alignment screen, click on subsequent button located at rock bottom .
•Now, the Setup Complete screen appears which suggests that the setup of your printer is now complete. Click on subsequent button and move forward to subsequent step.
•In the User Registration screen, click on subsequent button if you would like to register your printer. By registering your product, you're •ready to receive useful product and repair information. Otherwise, click on the cancel button.
•Now, it'll take you to the Extended Survey Program window. If you accept as true with the program and need to require part within the •survey, click on the Agree button. But if you're not accepting the survey, click on don't Agree.
•Once the installation is completed successfully, the installation completion window will appear on your screen, click on the exit button.

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