Canon Pixma G4010 Install

First Time Setting Up Canon Pixma G4010 Install

1. First and foremost, you ought to configure your Canon Pixma G4010 with the network access point or the wireless router.
2. Now, connect the printer to an influence source and switch it On. Here, you want to confirm that the facility lamp is lit. Wait just in case if the printer is performing any process like cleaning, print head alignment etc.
3. Apart from the printer, make sure that your router is turned on and functioning well with optimum signal strength.
4. To begin with, check out the “Display Panel” of Canon Pixma G4010. Here, you'll find a “Setup” button with a Setup icon. Hence, press the “Setup” button.
5. Consequently, it'll open the “Setup Menu” on your “Display Screen”.
6. Now, you ought to use the “Forward” and “Backward” buttons of the panel to flick through the list of options available under the “Setup Menu”.
7. By means of “Forward/ Backward” buttons, you ought to select the “Device Settings” option.
8. Thereafter, press the “OK” button from the panel.
9. Once again, use the “Forward/ Backward” buttons to pick “LAN Settings”.
10. Then, press the “OK” button from the panel.
11. Subsequently, you ought to select your connectin mode to “Wireless LAN” by means of the “Forward/ Backward” buttons.
12. Now, press the “OK” button from the panel.
13. After this, choose “Wireless LAN Setup” and press “OK”.
14. Next, you ought to choose the “Wireless Connection Setup Method” through the “Forward/ Backward” buttons.
15. Thereafter, press the “OK” button from the panel.
16. Consequently, it'll establish a wireless connection between the printer and router. However, this may take a while and your internet connection are going to be temporarily unavailable.
17. Once the printer preparation is complete, you'll be taken to subsequent screen that asks you to proceed with the Canon Pixma G4010 setup on your computer, 19. smartphone etc. As such, return back to the “Home” screen.
18. Now, you want to run the print test to make sure that your Canon Pixma G4010 Printer is connected to the proper network.
19. Therefore, load your printer properly with A4 size plain paper.
20. Next, you ought to locate the “Resume” button on your printer. Then, press and hold it.
21. Consequently, the “Indicator Lamp” besides the button will blink for fifteen times.
22. Hence, you want to keep track of the indicator lamp’s signals. In short, count it accurately. Then, release the “Resume” button after the “Indicator Lamp” blinks for fifteen times.
23. As a result, Canon Pixma G4010 Printer will print the sheet with network information.
24. Now, cross-check the small print on this sheet very carefully. The SSID thereon should display the proper name of your home network.
25. After confirming the small print on this printed sheet, proceed to download and install “Driver’ software on your computer.
26. First of all, you ought to activate your computer. Thereafter, connect it to an equivalent network with which your printer is connected.
27. Then, open the web browser and sort in Now, click “Go” to open the webpage.
28. As a result, it'll redirect you to the Canon website for Printer Setup.
29. Now, click on the “Setup” link.
30. Henceforth, you want to follow all the onscreen instructions and prompts carefully.
31. Next, you'll get the merchandise Selection screen. Here, you want to type in Canon Pixma G4010 Printer because the product name. Then, click “Go”.
32. Thereafter, it'll prompt you to Specify “Your Region”. As such, Select Your Region accurately.
33. Now you'll have access to the “Download” link. Therefore, click the “Download” tab. Consequently, the setup file will start downloading on your computer.
34. Meanwhile, it's going to prompt you to settle on the “Save” location for the downloaded file. Hence, click on “Save As”. Then, provide a convenient location to save lots of the downloaded setup file.
35. It might take several minutes to finish the download. Hence, wait patiently for an equivalent .
36. To begin with, locate the downloaded “Setup” file on your system. you'll find it at your system’s default download location i.e. the “Downloads” folder. Otherwise, you ought to search for it at the situation specified during the download process.
37. Thereafter, double-click the “Setup” file to open the “Installer Wizard”.
38. Then, click on “Start Setup”.
39. Next screen will prompt you to pick your region. Specify the acceptable Region and click on Next.
40. You will now be presented with the Software License Agreement. Scroll it down and choose Yes.
41. The subsequent window will seek your permission to participate within the Extended Survey Program. Read all the small print . you'll plan to Agree or don't Agree. Click the choice as per your decision.
42. Now you'll be taken to the Firewall Setting window. you want to mark the box that says Deactivate the Block. Click Next.
43. Thereafter, it'll take you to the “Selecting The Connection Method” window. Here, you want to make sure that the “Wireless LAN Connection” option must be selected.
44. Then, click “Next”.
45. Consequently, your computer will attempt to hook up with the printer. As such, await an equivalent .
46. Finally, click “Next” when it confirms “Connection Completed”.
47. You will now be redirected to the Test Print screen. Run the test by following onscreen instructions. you'll note that your printer must be loaded with plain paper so as to run the test.
48. Once again, click “Next” on the “Setup Complete” window.
49. The next window will display an inventory of all the software available for installation. Hence, ensure all of them are selected. Then, click on “Next”.
50. As a result, the installation process will start. Now, await the method to finish .
51. Next, follow on-screen prompts to finish the method .
52. At last, it'll confirm the successful completion of the installation process. Hence, click on “Exit” to shut the wizard.
53. With this, the Canon Pixma G4010 printer setup is complete.

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