Canon Pixma G2010 Install

First Time Setting Up Canon Pixma G2010 Install

Canon Pixma G2010 Setup Procedure

Step 1:Firstly, unbox the printer and set it near your computer and power socket.
Step 2. Now, to show on the printer, use the facility cord. Connect one end of the cord to the printer and other at the wall plug .
Step 3. activate the printer by pressing the facility button.
Step 4. Next, proceed with the method by saving the initial settings of the printer. you've got to line your preferences like language, date, location and time within the instrument panel .
Step 5. Thereafter, load paper and Ink cartridges in its respective slots.
Step 6. After this, load the input tray with a pile of papers properly.
Step 7. Connect The Printer To the web

• First of all, click on the “Windows” icon. you'll locate this icon on rock bottom left corner of the screen.
• Now, select the “Control Panel” from the beginning menu list.
• Next, select the network followed by the “Wired” option.
• Thereafter, connect the Ethernet(network) cable to the printer port and router.
• Then, locate and choose your network from the list of obtainable networks.
• After that, tap the connection option for successfully connecting the printer to the web .

Step 8. Download Process Of Canon Pixma G-2010 Printer Driver

•Firstly, open your preferred browser .
•After that, type the URL setup/ij setup within the search bar.
•Then after typing the URL, press the enter key.
•On the welcome page of Canon, click on the setup option.
•In the next window, enter the model number of your printer.
•Thereafter, click on the “Go” option.
•Now, select the primary letter of your printer name from the menu list.
•Next, select the merchandise name from the menu list.
•Finally, click on the “Download” icon so as to finish the downloading process. Therefore, the driving force will automatically download on your device successfully.

Step 9. Installation Process Of Canon Pixma G-2010 Printer Driver

•First of all, open the “Downloads” folder.
•Now, double-click on the downloaded setup file of the printer driver.
•Then, click on the “Start Setup” option.
•Wait until acquiring information from the printer driver.
•After this, select the name of the country or region from the menu list.
•Then, read the license agreement carefully. Click on the “Yes” button.
•Now, subsequent window of firewall settings will appear on your screen. Click on the “Next” option.
•In the next window, you'll see that it's checking for the printer status. Click on the “Next” button.
•Next, if the USB cable is connected to the printer then disconnect it. Click on the “Next” button.
•Wait until the installation process goes on.
•Now, subsequent window will display the print head alignment. Click on the “Next” button.
•Then, click on the “Next” button to check print.
•Next, the setup is complete and click on on the “Next” option.
•After this, the software installation list will appear. Click on the “Next” option.
•Finally, click on the “Ok” button.

Step 6. Register Your Canon Pixma G-2010 Printer

•Open an internet browser.
•Go to the “Canon registration” webpage.
•In the next window, select your preferred country and language by clicking the respective drop-down arrow.
•Next, you've got to pick the acceptable use of Canon printers to continue with the method .
•Now, type your product name or model number within the required field. you'll get your product number within the top left corner of the •front panel of your printer.
•After that, click on the “Search” button for continuing with the Canon Pixma G-2010 setup procedure.
•Now, wait until it processes your request.
•In “register your product” page, fill the specified product and private information.
•Lastly, tap the “Submit” button to finish the registration process.

Step 7. Add a Printer In Your System
For Windows:

•Firstly, click the “Windows” key which is on rock bottom left corner of the screen.
•Open “Control Panel” from the beginning menu list.
•Now, click “Hardware and Sound”.
•Next, you've got to pick the “Devices and Printers” option.
•Tap “Add a device” option which you'll get on the highest left corner of the window.
•Now, select your printer from the list of obtainable printers.
•Click on “Add device” for successfully adding your printer on your system.
•Lastly, follow all the on-screen instructions to finish the method . These instructions are going to be customized on the idea of your printer model.

For MAC:

•Firstly, click on the “Apple Menu”.
•Now, select “System Preferences”.
•Go to the “Hardware” section and then , select the “Printers and Scanners” option.
•In the next window, click the “Plus” (+) sign which is on the left side of your screen.
•This will list a menu . Click “Add printer or scanner”.
•Choose the name of your printer from the list of obtainable printers.
•Click “Add” for successfully adding the printer to your Mac device.

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