Canon Pixma E560 Install

First Time Setting Up Canon Pixma E560 Install

Printer Configuration

•First of all, unbox your printer and cargo paper and ink in it.
•After that, press the facility button of your printer to show it on.
•Then, press the WiFi button from your printer’s operational panel. Hold the button until the orange alarm lamp flashes once. After one flash, release the button.
•Now, confirm that the blue WiFi lamp flashes quickly. Also, the green Power lamp must be lit.
•Further, you've got to press the access point button on the wireless router. you want to press this button within 2 minutes.
•Next, make sure that Wifi and Power lamp lights must be lit.
•This will complete the successful connection of your printer to the wireless network.

Printer Driver Download and Installation

•First of all, attend your browser .
•In your browser , enter “” within the address bar.
•By doing so, you'll reach the Printer Driver downloading window.
•In the Driver Setup page, tap the “Set Up” option from the right-hand side of the window.
•After that, within the Product Selection window, you've got to enter your product model i.e. E560 within the empty field. Type the merchandise model and tap the “Go” button.
•Now, you'll reach the driving force Download window. Here, you'll choose the OS to download the right printer driver. for selecting , click the •inverted triangle from the upper-right corner of the screen. Now, from the menu , select the well-liked OS.
•Afterwards, hit the “Downloads” tab, which is found within the middle of the screen.
• this may begin the downloading process. it'd take a couple of minutes. Hence, wait patiently until the downloading gets completed.
•In between the downloading, you would possibly get to ascertain various pop-ups. Follow on-screen instructions for the successful completion of the method .
•After the successful completion of the method , you'll move to subsequent step i.e. Installation.
•For installation, confirm that your system is additionally connected to the wireless network. you want to connect your system with an equivalent network as of printer.
•Now, locate the downloaded setup file. generally , the file gets saved within the Downloads folder. Hence, access it. But just in case you've •got changed the download location, then open that specific folder.
•Double-click the setup file that you simply have downloaded.
•Then, a User Account Control prompt might appear. this may ask you to permit the appliance to form the specified changes within the system. Allow the appliance by clicking on the “Yes” tab.
•Now, within the initial installation screen, hit the “Next” tab to maneuver forward with the method . Here, you'll also change the installation wizard language by clicking the “Language” tab.
•If you're a Mac user, then, you've got to supply the Mac administrator username and password. Provide the credentials and click on the “Install Helper” tab.
•After that, the Connection Method screen will display. Canon suggests you to pick the “Network Connection” option. this feature is preferred once you have connected your printer and computer with a wireless network.
•In the next window, click on the Wireless Connection tab.
•To continue with the method , confirm that your printer is turned on and its power lamp is lit. Now, select the “Next” tab.
•Thereafter, within the Printer Setup screen, tap the “Connect to the network” option.
•Further, you've got to pick the acceptable connection method between WPS or Cableless Setup. it's suggested to click on the Cableless Setup tab.
•Now, if you've got not connected your printer with the wireless network, then follow the on-screen instruction. Otherwise, click the “Next” tab and move further with the method .
•In the next window, select the “Region of residence” from the available options and click on the “Next” tab.
•After that, select your “Country of residence”. Then, click the “Next” button.
•Further, you've got to settle on the software which you would like to put in on your system. Tickmark the specified checkbox and move further by clicking the “Next” button.
•Next, you'll get the “End User License Agreement” window. Carefully read the entire document and accept the agreement by hitting the “Yes” tab.
•In the Firewall Setting window, you've got to tick mark the Deactivate the block checkbox. After making, click the “Next” button.
•This will begin the installation process.
•During the method , Printer Detection might appear. this may start detecting your printer. it'd take a couple of minutes for completion. •Hence, wait patiently. Once it gets completed, tap the “Next” button.
•But, if you're a Mac user, then, you'll get an “Add a printer” screen. within the next window, choose your Canon printer and click on “Add”. •After successfully adding the printer, hit the “Next” button.

After that, you'll see a Printer Head Alignment Recommendation screen. Click the “Next” choice to move further to subsequent step.
This will complete the printer setup. within the Setup Completion declaration window, click the “Next” tab.
Afterwards, if you would like to register your product, then click the “Next” button. Otherwise, tab “Cancel”.
Then, Canon will ask you to participate within the Extended Survey Programme. Read the document then , click “Agree” or “Do Not Agree” as per your preference.
Finally, the installation complete screen will appear. Hit the “Exit” tab to maneuver out of the installation wizard.

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