Canon Maxify iB4070 Install

First Time Setting Up Canon Maxify IB4070 Install

Printer Connection With Wireless Network

    1. Firstly, undergo the hardware setup of your printer. You’ve got to unbox your printer than load paper ink in it. For this, you'll use the user manual that comes with the printer.
    2. Then, connect the printer. Further, you've got to show it on.

For this, press the facility button from the highest of the printer. When the printer will on, its Power lamp will lit.

    3. Now, press the Setup button. It’ll open the Setup menu.
    4. From the setup menu, locate the “Wireless LAN Setup” option by using the navigation keys.
    5. After that, press the “Ok” button.

If prompted to press the WPS button, then after pressing OK, you've got to press the “Stop” button.

    6. Using the navigation keys, find the “Other Setup” option and press the “Ok” button.
    7. Thereafter, select the “Cable less Network” option by clicking the “Ok” button.
    8. This will successfully complete the connection of your printer with the wireless network. Now, you'll proceed with the subsequent steps i.e. installation of the printer driver.

Printer Driver Download and Installation

    1. Open an internet browser.
    2. Then, head to the Printer Setup Window. For reaching this page, you've got to type “” within the address bar.
    3. Once you reach the Printer Setup window, you've got to click the “Set Up” option. this feature are going to be available on the right-hand side of the screen.
    4. Now, within the product selection screen, you've got to enter your product model for getting the download link. Your product model are going to be iB4070. Enter the right model name then click the “Go” tab.
    5. After reaching the driving force Download window, you've got to settle on the OS as per the device you're using.

For this, you'll get the choice on the top-right corner of the screen. Click the inverted triangle and it'll open a drop-down list. Select your OS from the list.

    6. Now, you'll get the download link as per the OS you've got chosen.
    7. Afterwards, you've got to click the “Downloads” tab to start out the method.
    8. This will initiate the downloading process. Await the successful completion of the method.
    9. During the method, you'll be asked to save lots of enter your required location. you'll change the situation of the setup file you would like to download, by clicking the “Save As” option.
    10. Once the download gets completed, you've got to open the folder where you've got saved the file.

In general, the system saves this enter the Downloads folder.

    11. Before you begin with the installation process, you're required to attach your computer device with an equivalent wireless network as of your printer.
    12. Now, double-click the setup file.
    13. If a popup box appears for seeking your permission to run the appliance, you've got to tap the “Run” button.

Also, you would possibly get a User Account Control pop-up box. Here, you've got to click the “Yes” tab to permit the appliance for creating changes in your system.

    14. In the installation wizard initial window, you'll change the language as per your preference.

For changing the language, click the “Language” tab. Further, you'll choose the language from the list.

    15. After making the changes within the language, you've got to click the “Start Setup” tab within the same window.
    16. Next, you've got to pick your country and therefore the region from the list. just in case you won’t be ready to get your country or region on the list, then, you'll choose “Others” to continue.
    17. Then, hit the “Next” tab.
    18. Further, the License Agreement window will display. Canon recommends you to successfully read the document and comply with it. For agreeing, you'll click the “Yes” tab.

On choosing “No” i.e. disagreeing with the agreement, then the installation process will stop right there.

    19. After the License Agreement, you'll get the Extended Security Program window.

Here, Canon asks you to participate in the survey program. If you comply with participation, you've got to click the “Agree” tab. Otherwise, you'll also click “Do not agree”.

    20. This will take you to the Connection Method screen. Here, Canon suggests choosing the “Wireless LAN Connection” option.
    21. After selecting, click the “Next” choice to move further with the method.
    22. Thereafter, you'll get two options i.e. “Access Point Connection” and therefore the “Direct Connection”. it's recommended to settle on the Access Point Connection option.
    However, if you desire to settle on the Direct connection option, then click the Instructions tab and follow the on-screen instructions.
    23. After selecting the well-liked option, press the “Next” button.
    24. Now, you've got to see the facility. The printer must be connected with the wireless connection properly.
    25. Next, hit the “Next” option.
    26. By doing so, your system will start checking out the printer. Await the completion of the printer search.
    27. Further, you'll get an inventory of printers. Pick your required printer and tap the “Next” button.
    28. This begins the driving force installation process.
    29. The Print Test window will appear after the completion of the method . to start the print test, click the “Execute” tab. Once the print test gets completed, you've got to press the “Next” option.
    30. The printer setup will complete here. You’ll now proceed to the software installation by clicking the “Next” tab.
    31. After that, the software selection window will appear on your screen. You’ll tick mark the specified software to put in them. Further, hit the “Next” tab.
    32. In the next screen, you'll be asked to register your product by clicking the “Next” tab. But just in case you don’t want to register immediately, then click the “Skip” tab.
    33. When the method gets completed, you'll see a completion declaration window. Hit the “Exit” tab so as to return out of the window.
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