Canon imageClass MF269dw Install

First Time Setting Up Canon imageClass MF269dw Install

Hardware Setup

• First, you must complete the hardware setup of your printer. For that, unbox your printer and every one of its components by removing its packaging.
• Then, plug one end of the convenience cord into the printer and so the other end into the convenience outlet.
• Now power on your printer by pressing its power button located in front of the printer. Ensure that the facility lamp is lit.
• After that, fill in your printer cartridge.
• Next, load plain printer-sized papers into your printer's paper tray properly.
• Now, the hardware setup is complete and you will start with the method of network connection.

Connect the printer to the network

• Make sure your printer is powered on and therefore the main screen is lit. Now, press the menu button from the operations panel.
• Then, select the network settings from the list by pressing the down arrow key in front of the printer. Then, press the OK button.
• On the next screen, select Wireless LAN Settings from the given list of options.
• Then, press the OK button from the operational panel of your printer.
• In the Wireless LAN Settings screen, select SSID settings then select Access Points and press OK.
• Now, it'll start searching the networks and an inventory of obtainable networks will appear on your screen.
• Choose your required network from the list then it'll ask you to enter your WI-FI password. Hence, type your password by using the keys from the operational panel of the printer and press OK.
• On the next screen, it'll ask you- does one want to attach using new settings?. Select Yes and press OK.
• Now, it'll start connecting your printer to the Wireless network. Once the method finishes, the Connected screen will display on your printer.
• Your printer is successfully connected to your wireless network.
Now, you'll start the installation of your printer driver.


• First, open an Internet browser on your system.
• Then, go to and type it in the address bar and a replacement window will appear on your screen.
• Now, type your product model in the given product search field and then click on the GO button.
• Then scroll right to the drivers and downloads section. Click the down-arrow key and select your OS to suit your preference.
• Now, choose the Drivers tab. Under Recommended drivers, click on the select button and it will show you a red download button.
• Click the download button and it will start downloading the file. Do not close the window or close your system before the method completes.
• Once the download of your Canon printer driver is finished, it will be automatically saved in the download folder.


• First, open your download folder.
• Then, locate your Canon printer's setup file within the Downloads folder.
• Double-click the file to begin the installation process. This will show you a pop-up of user account controls to allow the program to make changes to your computer. Click the Yes button to allow and proceed to the later step.
• Now, the setup wizard screen will be displayed on your system. Click the down arrow key to select your required language, then click the button located at the bottom-right corner of your screen.
• The Canon Software License Agreement screen appears. Scroll down the page and read all the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully. If you are correct as per the agreement and to continue the installation process, then click on the Yes button given there.
• Within the next window, you have to choose the connection between the printer and your computer. The screen will show you two options - USB connection and network connection. Select your required connection method and click on the button at the rock bottom.
• If you have chosen a USB connection, connect your printer to the PC with a USB cable. But in the case of a network connection, confirm that you have connected your printer with the equivalent network of your computer.
• In the next step, it will start seeing your printer on the network. Until the search process is complete, it is going to take some time and you have to participate in it. Once your printer is detected, select your required printer from the list and click the subsequent button.
• In the Select Driver window, you will want to select your favorite printer drivers to suit your needs and requirements. For that, tick the box provided and then click the button at the rock bottom of the window.
• Now, the confirmation settings window appears, on which you have got to verify all the small print i.e. your printer name, driver, port, etc., then hit the subsequent button given there.
• On the subsequent page, you will want to click the start button located on the rock bottom. By doing this, the setup program will start installing the printer driver and may take several minutes.
• When the installation is complete, it will take you to the Set Default Printer window. The screen shows you all installed devices, you will want to choose a tool as the default printer from the list.
• Now, a print test page appears on your screen. If you want to test, select the checkbox given there, click the Exit button, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Also, to run the test, your printer must be filled with plain paper.
• But if you do not want to run the test, you will leave the box and leave the test printing and then click the Exit button.
• This completes the setup of the Canon imageCLASS MF269dw printer.

Canon imageClass MF269dw
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