Canon imageClass MF264dw Install

First Time Setting Up Canon imageClass MF264dw Install

Hardware Setup

• First of all, place your Canon imageCLASS MF264dw printer at a secure location. Here, you want to make sure that the printer is within the network range of the router.
• Then, carefully unbox the printer and take away all the packaging material.
• Now, connect the printer to an influence source i.e. a wall outlet using its “Power Cable”.
• Thereafter, power it up by pressing the “ON” button located on the highest. Here, you want to make sure that its “Power Lamp” is correctly lit and stable.
• After that, carefully install the “Printhead” and therefore the “Ink Tank”.
• As a result, the “Printhead” and “Ink” Lamps will illuminate.
• Subsequently, carefully load the “Paper Tray” with plain A4 size sheets.

Establishing Connection between the Printer and Network

• First and foremost, you ought to connect your Canon imageCLASS MF264dw printer to a “Power Source” using the “Power Cable”.
• Then, press the “ON” button located on the printer’s topside to power it up. Here, you want to make sure that its “Power Lamp” is lit and stable.
• At now, the printer may begin its initialization process. this may take a while. Hence, await the method to finish.
• Besides that, you ought to activate your “Router”. alongside that, make sure that it's properly functioning and available for connecting to the printer.
• Additionally, you want to make sure that your computer is correctly connected to a secure network access point i.e. router. Moreover, it must be an • equivalent network with which you would like to attach your Canon imageCLASS MF264dw printer.
• Now, approach your printer’s “Operational Panel”. Here, you ought to check out its “Display Screen”. It should be lit and present its “Main Menu”. • • However, if it doesn’t provide the “Main Menu”. Then, search for the “Energy Saver” button. In other words, you ought to search for a button with a “Sleep Mode” icon. Now, if this button is lit. Then, press it to “Wake” the printer. Thereafter, press the “Menu” button to open its “Main Menu”.
• Next, you ought to use the “Arrow Keys” to navigate the “Display Panel”. Now, select “Network Settings” and press “OK” from the panel.
• Thereafter, select “Wireless LAN Settings” on the subsequent window. Then, press “OK”.
• The next window will prompt you to ask “Manual” to see the detailed process. Hence, press “OK” to proceed with the Canon imageCLASS MF264dw Setup.
• Subsequently, select “SSID Settings” and press “OK”.
• On the subsequent window, choose “Select Access Point”. Then, press “OK”.
• As a result, it'll start checking out the available wireless routers.
• Then, it'll provide you with an inventory of all the available networks on the printer. Hence, select the name of your “Router” or “Network Access Point”. Thereafter, press “OK”.
• Now, await the method. Meanwhile, acquire your “Network Access Point Key” or the “Router Password”.
• Subsequently, enter your “Router Password” when prompted. Then, press “OK”.
• Thereafter, it'll prompt “Do you would like to attach using New Settings?”. Hence, select “Yes” and press “OK”.
• Consequently, this may start the “Connection” process which can take a while. Hence, await it. At now, the Wi-Fi indicator starts blinking.
• At last, it'll confirm that Canon imageCLASS MF264dw is “Connected”. As such, you'll see the Wi-Fi indicator is lit and stable.
• After that, wait 2 minutes until it completes its “IP Settings”.
• Now, press the “Copy/ Scan” button to return to the “Main Menu”.

Download Canon imageCLASS MF264dw Drivers

• To begin with, activate your Computer and therefore the Printer. additionally thereto, activate your router and ensure it's properly connected to both the devices.
• Now, open your preferred internet browser on your computer.
• Next, you ought to attend “”.
• As a result, it'll take you to the specified window for downloading Canon imageCLASS MF264dw Drivers.
• Here, you ought to enter your “Printer’s Model Number” within the “Search Bar”. In other words, type in “Canon imageCLASS MF264dw”. Then, click the “Go” button.
• Now, access its “Driver Downloads” section.
• Here, you ought to click on the drop-down box beside OS. Then, select your system’s OS from the list.
• As a result, it'll provide you with compatible drivers and extra software. Now, click on the “Select” tab beside it to expand it.
• Subsequently, click on the “Download” button for every one of the links one by one.
• As a result, it'll start downloading the drivers. Now, this might take a while. Hence, await the method to finish. Then, proceed to put in the drivers.
• Install Canon imageCLASS MF264dw Drivers
• First of all, make sure that both computer and printer are turned on and connected to a secure “Network Access Point”.
• Now, locate the downloaded drivers on your system. Then, double-click thereon to open it.
• As a result, you'll get a pop-up box. Hence, click on “Run” to initiate the Canon imageCLASS MF264dw Setup process.
• Consequently, it'll open the Installer. Now, click on “Next” (Windows) or “Continue” (Mac) on the initial window.
• The following window will present the “Software License Agreement”. Hence, read an equivalent carefully. Then, click on “Yes” (Windows) or “Continue” (Mac). additionally thereto, Mac users will get a pop-up box to verify an equivalent. Hence, click on “Agree” to proceed.
• Thereafter, you'll get the “Select the sort Of Connection” window. Here, you ought to select the “Network Connection (for Network Models)”. Then, click “Next” to continue with Canon imageCLASS MF264dw Setup.
• Next, you ought to click on “Yes” when prompted to “Remove Firewall Blocks”.
• Subsequently, it'll start searching your Canon imageCLASS MF264dw printer. As such, a subsequent window will display an inventory of all the available printers. Hence, select your printer from the list. Then, click “Next”.
• The following window will provide an inventory of all the software available for installation. Hence, select those that you simply want to put in. Then, click “Next”.
• Now, check the small print including your “Printer Name” on the “Confirm Settings” window. Thereafter, click “Next”.
• Next, you ought to confirm your “Fax Name”. Then, click “Next”.
• Finally, confirm the remaining settings. Then, click “Start” (Windows) or “Install” (Mac). this may start installing the drivers. However, Mac users are going to be prompted to supply their Mac login credentials. Hence, enter your “Mac Administrator User ID and Password”. Then, click “Instal Software”.
• Now, await the “Canon imageCLASS MF264dw Driver Installation” to finish.
• After that, you'll select this printer as your “Default Printer” and run a “Test Print”.
• At last, restart your computer.

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