Canon imageClass MF113w Install

First Time Setting Up Canon imageClass MF113w Install

Hardware Setup

• Before installing the printer driver, you've got to finish the hardware setup so as to organize your printer.
• For the hardware setup of the printer, you initially need to unbox your printer. While unboxing, you've got to carefully remove all the tapes and packaging material both from inside and out of the doors of the printer.
• After that, activate your printer. For this, connect one end within the printer and the other to the facility outlet. Then, press the facility button. you'll get • this button on the operational panel of your printer.
• Next, you've got to load the cartridge within the printer. Carefully load the ink and move further to the subsequent step.
• Further, within the paper tray insert the papers. Adjust the papers properly for an ideal print.
• You can take the assistance of the hand manual that comes with the printer.

Wifi configuration

• Before connecting the printer to the wireless network, confirm that the wireless router is detected correctly. Also, make sure that your system is additionally connected with a similar wireless connection.
• Then, from the printer's operating panel, use the 4-way directional pad and find the "menu" option.
Select this feature by pressing the "OK" button.
• After that, choose the "Network Settings" option.
• From the network settings list, select the "Wired / Wireless LAN Settings" option and press the "OK" button.
• Also, select the "Wireless LAN" option and click on the "OK" button from the operational panel.
• Then, choose the "Wireless LAN Settings" option by choosing the "OK" option.
• Next, choose the "SSID Settings" option.
• Now, select the "Select Access Point" option to continue with the method.
• This will start checking for available network connections.
• Now, select your preferred connection, then enter the password to successfully connect to the printer.
• After that, select the "Yes" option within the new window.
• When doing so, the connection process will begin. Wait until you receive the "Connected" message on your screen.
• Once connected, press the "Home" button from the operational panel to return to the most screen.
• This will successfully connect your printer to the specified WiFi network.

Download Canon imageCLASS MF266dn Printer Driver

• First, open a favorite browser on your system.
• Then, visit the official website of Canon USA. For this, you need to write "".
• In the next window, look at your printer by typing the printer model ie MF66dn within the search bar from the top-right corner of the screen.
• From the search results list, you have to choose your required product.
• After that, scroll down the screen until you reach the driver and download.
• Next, click on the "Select" tab under the recommended driver option.
• From the expanded list hit the "Download" tab.
• This will start the downloading process. It may take a few minutes. Therefore, wait for the method to complete.
• During the method, you'll probably get a pop-up about the download location. You will change the download location by clicking on the "Save As" tab.
• Once the download process is complete, you will move on to the installation process.
• Canon imageCLASS MF266dn printer driver installation
• First, open the download folder on your device. If you have entered your specific location, open that specific folder.
• Then, double-click the downloaded setup file of the Canon imageCLASS MF266dn printer driver.
• Before opening the installation wizard, you will get a popup to allow the device to be inserted into your device. To grant permission, click on the "Run" tab.
• If prompted by the user account control prompt, allow the device to make the specified changes by tapping on the "Yes" option.
• This will open the installation wizard.
• In the initialization window, choose a language for the installation wizard. For selection, click on the inverted triangle then choose the well-liked language from the menu.
• Make the specified selection and tap on the "Next" option.
• In addition, you will read the Canon Software License Agreement. Read the entire document carefully and follow it by clicking the "Yes" button.
• Then, choose the connection between your printer and computer. You will choose between the "USB connection" and the "Network connection" option.
• Choose the specified option and press the "Next" tab.
• When choosing a USB connection, you will need to attach your printer and system with the help of a USB.
• But if you select "Network Connection", make sure that both the system and the printer are properly connected with the same wireless network. Connecting with an equivalent network will create a connection between your printer and the system.
• If prompted by the firewall settings, click the "Yes" button to continue with the method.
• This will start the look for your device. Wait for the method to complete.
• Now, select your printer from the search results list. Then click on the "Next" tab.
• After that, you will be asked to settle on the well-liked driver to install it on your device. To select, mark the specified driver. Then, click on the "Next" tab.
• When doing so, the confirmation settings screen will be displayed. This window will show your printer details such as port, driver, etc. Here, you will change the name of the printer if you want. Check all knowledge and hit the "Next" tab.
• From the list of things to put on your device, make sure all knowledge is correct. After checking, press the "Start" tab.
• This will initiate the installation process. Wait until the installation is complete.
• After the method is completed, the Set Default Printer window will appear. Here, you have got the line teal to set as the default printer on the device. Choose and click on the "Next" tab.
• Thereafter, you'll be asked to start out the print test. Although this is often an optional step. You skip the Print Test by clicking the Exit tab, keeping the checkbox unmarked.
• In order to start out the Print Test, you've got to tick mark the checkbox then click the “Exit” button. After clicking, the print test window will appear. • Follow the on-screen instructions for completing the method.
• This will successfully install the printer driver on your system.

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